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Comparing Juicers

6 Juicers were tested: Breville Juice Fountain Elite, Champion Juicer, Greenstar Elite, Krups Juice Extractor 5Y501, Omega Vert 350, and Omega 8006.

Assembly:Order Now!

The Krups Juice Extractor and Breville Juice Fountain Elite came pre-assembled.

The Greenstar had numerous parts was complicated and cumbersome to assemble.

Champion Juicer had few parts making it the simplest to assemble.

The Omega Vert 350 had missing alignment dots as well as numerous identical alignment arrows. To complete assembly the tester was required call the customer service line.

The Omega 8006 assembly was moderately simple when following package directions.

Produce Prep and Feeding:

The Krups required minimal produce prep but was loud and pulp was wet with large pieces. Pulp collection was built into the unit.

The Greenstar had a small feed tube and required the produce to be almost chopped to fit (the tester had to cut an apple into 24 pieces).

The Breville was the loudest of the juicers tested but required minimal prep and was not very messy.

The Omega Vert 350 required varying amounts of prep depending on the produce to be juiced (grape seeds must be removed prior to juicing). It was the messiest of the juicers (leakage and weak juice stream that was at times hard to capture). The unit jammed repeatedly.

The Champion Juicer required minimal produce prep and was the quietest. There was some juice leakage from the screen during juicing.

The Omega 8006 ran quietly but required cutting/tearing the produce into smaller pieces to fit into the feeder tube. Feeding solid produce took effort/force.


The Krups had numerous basket parts that took organization to clean and reassemble.

The Breville was easy to assemble and cleaning was easy but had to be done carefully because of some sharp parts.

The Greenstar required a bristle brush to clean the augers and interlocking parts. Reassembly took some practice to in order to mesh the augers properly.

The Omega Vert 350 was challenging to clean due to difficulty removing pulp around the auger, basket and rubber gasket.

The Champion Juicer had few parts to clean; making it simple to clean and reassemble.

The Omega 8006 was relatively easy to clean and reassemble.Order Now!

Juice Yield:

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